What we do

Polaris American believes that every resident and every community is entitled to quality housing and economic opportunity.

We focus on community development projects that align with our commitment to improving the quality of life of our residents and the communities where our properties are located. We try to find ways to leverage the physical improvements to benefit our residents and stakeholders while creating a sustainable economic program capable of supporting us over the long term.


Commercial & Residential Redevelopment

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We acquire occupied and vacant properties and rehab them for the purposes of creating quality housing for our residents and the communities we serve.

Redevelopment when done right begins with a community-inspired vision for how people want to live their lives. Our approach is to engage local residents around a common vision. Once we find our way to that vision, we can then craft the redevelopment plan that will help that vision become a reality.

We are not naive - we know that our communities have many challenges. Our approach is to be creative and to break big problems into smaller challenges that we can meet.


  • Rehabilitation and Redevelopment

  • Property Management


Community Organizing and Resident Engagement


Obtaining support for your position regarding a proposed redevelopment project requires a thoughtful engagement with the people most impacted by the project: the existing residents and stakeholders. How you approach them is critical from the first moment you share your idea for the project until completion. How will you engage the developer if you are a resident? For developers, how will you engage the residents? Is it possible for the parties to arrive at a mutual understanding of the project so that the community impact will be positive? As community engagement experts we have been on both sides of the development process. We can help you with this process.

We do the following:

  • Craft resident engagement programs designed to obtain community buy-in or opposition for proposed redevelopment projects

  • Resident and stakeholder driven project cost/benefit analysis

  • Implement high-touch resident engagement trade off workshops designed to strengthen democratic decision making around large, complex redevelopment projects

  • Craft and help implement Community Benefit Agreements between residents, stakeholders, municipalities and real estate developer

Property Consulting Services


We provide high-touch, quality advisory services for community developers, private real estate developers and residential housing practitioners.

Our specialty is property analytics and our knowledge of how government works. Both have enormous impact on your vision and the real estate goals for your project.

We are a small team of highly qualified and experienced MBE certified real estate professionals with unique backgrounds in the fields of politics/public policy, real estate, finance, community and economic development. We understand the intersection of the critical influences on the real estate development process and devote careful consideration of the skill sets and experience required in order to provide outstanding service.

Products and Services

Commercial Real Estate

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Commercial Lease vs. Own and Lease vs. Build analysis

  • Financial feasibility analysis

  • Zoning and planning analysis

  • Property management systems

  • Investment analysis regarding the “Go” “No Go” decision

  • Residential development planning

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit utilization

  • Subsidy layering review

  • Project management services

  • Crafting effective resident engagement programs focused on obtaining results

Community Development

  • Cost benefit analysis of community development projects

  • Fundraising assistance in writing grant applications

  • Market analysis of community development ventures

  • Drafting and submitting written reports to funders

  • Crafting marketing plans in support of community development ventures


Homeowner Consulting


Help existing homeowners and potential homeowners evaluate the purchase or sale of their house.

products and Services

  • Due diligence report on home site

  • Access to quality realtors and mortgage companies focused on first time homebuyers and sellers

  • Market analysis for sale or purchase of home

  • Evaluation of house construction needs and recommended rehabilitation plan